miércoles, enero 30, 2013


Yes, you can cheat, but the real deal for chilaquiles is to make your own chips and sauce.

I'll admit, I wrote that first sentence and just sat in front of the computer, pondering wether or not I should make this into a recipe post or not... and... meet half way? a pseudo recipe follows then... For the sauce, boil some chiles in water with maybe an onion and garlic, zap with the hand blender and pass through a sieve. Then return to some hot oil and mix well, reduce... For the chips, cut up some corn tortillas and fry in hot oil until golden brown (and delicious). Introduce chips to salsa, let them mingle with some shredded cheese and guacamole (if you're into that sort of thing... ) serve with some refried pinto beans on the side, or like they did in my alma mater, under the chilaquiles.

martes, enero 29, 2013


Or, mana from heaven, however you want to call it

lunes, enero 28, 2013

Tuna with vegetables [food]

Get yourself some tuna steaks, the fresher the better. But, if you're like us and no longer live at a walking distance from the sea, I heard from a reputable source (the internet, of course!) that the frozen ahi tuna steaks from costco were a good deal, and.. yes, they are.. in fact, they're the just about the only thing from there that I regret  not being able to buy after our membership expired. Alas, ~12 steaks for 17 bucks was great.

I've been asked this before and yes, it says steak, so cook it like one; although it not being completely fresh I'd go to just before the well done state before taking it away from the fire just to be safe. And since you're firing up a hot pan and putting it in the oven afterwards, make it a one-pan meal and cook your vegetables in there as well.

domingo, enero 27, 2013

Beer haiku

dear shiner beer
please keep making farm house ale
throughout the whole year

Dallas Fair Park

sábado, enero 26, 2013

Automotive History Museum pt. 4

The eighties, nineties and naughties... a weirly awesome bunch... 

Automotive History Museum pt. 3

The musclein' 60's and 70's

Automotive History Museum pt. 2

Kinda, sorta, in chronological order, yes? 40's and 50's... 

Automotive History Museum

Thanks to groupon, once again, we visited a seldom mentioned place right in the heart of Dallas, or, maybe the spleen of Dallas, depending on what angle you see it from; fact is, it's in Dallas' fair park near downtown and it hosts a fair amount of cars, the lighting could definitely be better if you plan on taking pictures, but hey, they LET YOU take pictures, most museums don't. Mais enfin, this is part 1 of, I don't know how many parts yet..  

We should bring back hood ornaments... really...

Strawberry Ice Cream [Recipes]

So, interested in making something really good, reeeelatively healthy* and easy to "cook" to boot? This recipe comes from an allrecipes entry that I found, usually ice creams may contain eggs, sort of like a really, really goopy frozen custard, it gives it nice unctuousness, but you know what? sometimes there aren't any eggs in the fridge, so one goes and looks for an egg-less recipe. And the convenience of not even having to fire up the stove, make the quasi-custard and then waiting for it to cool down before churning is definitely a plus.

The recipe

  • 2 c. whole milk
  • 2 c. heavy cream
  • 2 1/2 c. frozen strawberries
  • 1 c. sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt

And the procedure couldn't be more simple; blend everything in a blender then follow your ice cream maker's instructions. If, however, not everything fits in the blender, leave the cream out and mix with the rest after it's all blended.

*Ok, define healthy, at least on this ice cream you could pronounce all of the ingredients, on the store-bough not-so-much.

viernes, enero 25, 2013

(Untitled post)

Entre que empiezo a escribir una explicación, y entre que pienso que porqué debería explicarlo... pues, lo explico al menos un poco. En un intento de ayudar más gente, voy a comenzar escribiendo en inglés, desgraciadamente hay cosas que se perderían en la traducción, claro, a excepción de los mêmes, esos como que no se traducen tan bien al español. No fue hasta hoy que hice el primer post en inglés que me di cuenta que no es tan fácil cambiar de idioma así como así; tooodas las etiuetas las voy a tener que poner dobles, idealmente debería regresarme a toooodos los 600 y tantos (si, si son tantos) posts y agregarle las etiquetas en inglés; naaah... pero lo que si veo viable es agregarle un botón de traducir para cada post. No pensé tener que hacer una estrategia de localización para el blog, pero.. there you have it...

Zilker Gardens Revisited [Austin, TX]

So, going back and seeing what I hadn't posted before I came across these lil' ol' flowers from the Zilker botanical garden in Austin.