miércoles, enero 30, 2013


Yes, you can cheat, but the real deal for chilaquiles is to make your own chips and sauce.

I'll admit, I wrote that first sentence and just sat in front of the computer, pondering wether or not I should make this into a recipe post or not... and... meet half way? a pseudo recipe follows then... For the sauce, boil some chiles in water with maybe an onion and garlic, zap with the hand blender and pass through a sieve. Then return to some hot oil and mix well, reduce... For the chips, cut up some corn tortillas and fry in hot oil until golden brown (and delicious). Introduce chips to salsa, let them mingle with some shredded cheese and guacamole (if you're into that sort of thing... ) serve with some refried pinto beans on the side, or like they did in my alma mater, under the chilaquiles.