domingo, mayo 05, 2013

May Dragon [Restaurants]

Chinese, you say? Oh, good Chinese in Dallas? well, we got to know this place, again, thanks to groupon. And let me tell you... it's pretty damn good, I would wager that there's better places out there, but.. we haven't been to any of them. This restaurant makes good Chinese food, similar to the Cantonese restaurants we're used to out west. And the service is way above the usual Chinese restaurant's standards.

They start you off with some fritters and sweet and sour sauce.
Your placemat has the chinese zodiac

Won-ton soup.. oh my! an 8.5/10 if we're keeping score, maybe even a 9 because they don't waste your time with other vegetables that don't belong in a cloud soup.
Peking style roast pork... yes, with chinese mustard.. come il faut!!! And... AAAND it's pork, not chicken like the places back home have started substituting... I've only had better roast pork at home
Mongolian beef (I think...)
Peking roasted duck, or what remained after eating almost the whole thing, can you really skip this item if it's on offer?

Overall, this restaurant is non plus ultra in our book, we've yet to find any that surpass it's service and food.