viernes, mayo 10, 2013


Quesadillas... you really need instructions on how to make quesadillas? ah c'mon!... well, ok, but only because you asked nicely :D.

Heat a griddle or a pan to medium high and heat your tortilla; yes, flour tortillas are fine, but corn is slightly better for you. When one side is warmed up, flip the tortilla and add your shredded cheese to one half of it, how much? well, it's up to you, make a couple to get a feel for how much you like. You can use the shredded yellow stuff if you're in the tex-mex mood, but really? I mean.. sure we use annatto seeds in Mexico, but, not for our cheeses, and I really doubt that those yellow-orange cheeses still use annato anymore :P... nah, get yourself at least some mozarella, or preferably some melting cheese from your friendly neighborhood hispanic food store; I'd figure some Oaxaca, Asadero or Ranchero chees would do nicely. Ok, you've put your cheese on, now, close the quesadilla and let it warm up on one side, then the other and... done! repeat until full. Serve with some pickled jalapeños and you're on your way to bachelor cooking mexican style!