miércoles, diciembre 04, 2013

La Cocedora de Langosta, Ensenada, B. C. [restaurants]

I've never been much of a fan of paying for the artsy fartsy stuff, but sometimes you get all these recommendations for X place's Y, almost signature dish... And we'll, you cave in... I admit it I didn't want to go to this place because I sternly believe that there's much better values across the street (literally) and that whatever dish they dare give a traditional name to is going to be offensive to all the generations that created them... And guess what? It's pretty damn good! BUT, I stand by my preconceptions, their dishes are modern, bland interpretations of the originals. 

Let's start with aguachile... Agua?, check... Chile?... Meh.. Yes, I have to remind myself that this place caters to american-type tastebuds.. Oh, and lime, the other prime ingredient in aguachile?... None... Replaced by what I believe to be some sweet oranges... Hmm.. As an aguachile, this is dissappointing... call it a geoduck (the thing that make this worthy of so much hype) citric crudo and I'm in!

Is it good? Yes. Is it worth all the hype?...nnaahh... Oh, and don't let me get started on their salad ceviche that isn't even cured in lime!

But... Enough ranting... I have to give them this one: the baby clams are. To. Die. For! Definitely saved the night, and of course, it's less traditional fodder and more European inspired.. Very nicely done