sábado, febrero 01, 2014

La avioneta [Restaurants]

Trips have a learning effect on all of us, some more, some less, but in this most recent trip to our hometown of Ensenada, we.. learned.. a... lot!!! But, more importantly we had a few lessons in the culinary realm as well; one of them being this taco place/stand. I've taken the liberty of lumping this place with the rest of the restaurants we've visited over the years, but only for the reason that they have tables, from coca cola, sure, but a place to sit is a place to sit. And much like other taco places where you get a place to sit, you don't get a waiter, you order at the cart, add your goodies and sit back down to eat away. Once you're done, you get up and ask how much you owe them, usually you have to keep track of what you've eaten, and trust me, eat. you. will! ... just about the only thing I didn't like about this place is that there was some old dude playing guitar and asking for "any help"... or.. maybe it was just too damn early for a weekend+vacation day.

If you're in that neck of the woods, we highly recommend this place, you can find it's street address as: Calle 7a entre Rayon y Aldama #1840 Colonia Obrera, Ensenada, Baja California, 22840 they even have a facebook page!. Among other things, they have on offer:

Smoked marlin

Camarón a la diabla (Devil's shrimp sans cheese)

Camarón a la diabla (Devil's shrimp avec cheese)

Abalone chorizo and egg


Lobster (left) Devil's shrimp (right)

Breaded fish