miércoles, abril 23, 2014

El Borrego de Oro, Red Rock, TX [Restaurants]

This time we're not singing high praises for groupon for getting us out of the house, rather, a combination of airbnb and yelp. The only place near the farm we stayed at that had 4 stars on yelp, AND it serves mexican dishes, well I'll be... yes, please!

Up there on top you see the pork chop plate, called "chuletas de puerco" on the menu and on the bottom, the carne asada plate. Both were served with beans, rice and salad, with the addition of a seared jalapeño for the carne asada.

From hearing other patrons' orders, it would seem that they sell a lot of enchiladas, not too surprising given the adventurous nature of the rural texan, but c'mon people! live a little, enchiladas are not all there is to mexican food!

Even though it was mid-afternoon, the place had a few people come in, meaning that their food probably doesn't go to waste. Overall, this restaurant is very recommendable, especially given it's in-the-middle-of-nowhere location.