viernes, agosto 12, 2016

AnimeFest 2016 Schedule

Guests and Members,

ANIMEFEST 2016 IS HERE!!! Find us at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel today, Saturday,Sunday & Monday for all things anime!

Here are some highlights of what you can expect to see over the weekend.

Guests of Honor

Fumi Hirano: Voice of Lum in “Urusei Yatsura and Keito in “Tsuritama”

Panels: Saturday 3pm in P4 & Sunday 11am in P4
Autographs: Saturday 6PMSunday 4PM and Monday 12PM

Toshio Furukawa: Voice of Ataru Moroboshi in “Urusei Yatsura, Piccolo in “Dragon Ball Z"

Panels:Friday 4PM in P4, Saturday 3PM in P4, & Sunday 11AM in P1
Autographs:Saturday 6PMSunday 4PM & Monday 12PM

Shino Kakinuma: Voice of Naru Osaka in “Sailor Moon” and Videl in “Dragon Ball Z”

Panels: Saturday 3PM in P4, Sunday 11AM in P1
Autographs: Saturday 6PMSunday 4PM & Monday 12PM

Akemi Takada: Character Designer & Illustrator in “Magical Angel Creamy Mami” and the animes of “Urusei Yatsura”, “Maison Ikkoku” & “Kimagure Orange Road”

Panels: Saturday 4PM in P4, Sunday 3PM in P4, Monday 11AM in P4
Autographs: Saturday 6PMSunday 4PM & Monday 12PM

Shingo Natsume: Director and Animator in “Space Dandy” and “One-Punch Man

Panels: Saturday 4PM in P4, Sunday 7PM in ME, Monday 11AM in P4
Autographs: Saturday 6PMSunday 4PM & Monday 12PM

Chikashi Kubota: Animation Director & Character Designer for "One-Punch Man"

Panels: Saturday 4PM in P4, 7PM in ME, Sunday 10AM in P4, 2PM in P4Monday 11AM in P4
Autographs: Saturday 6PMSunday 4PM & Monday 2PM

Shuhei Morita: Director of “Tokyo Ghoul”, “Kakurenbo” & “Possessions”

Panels: Saturday 2PM in P4, 5PM in P4, Sunday 10PM in P4, 2PM in P4 &Monday 11AM in P4
Autographs: Saturday 6PMSunday 4PM & Monday 12PM

Kazuhiro Miwa: Character designer and Chief Animation Director of “Tokyo Ghoul”

Panels: Saturday 2PM in P4, Saturday 7PM in ME, Sunday 10PM in P4,Monday 11AM in P4
Autographs: Saturday 11AM6PMSunday 4PM & Monday 12PM

Ayana Nishino: Animation Director for “My Hero Academia”, “Tokyo Ghoul√A”

Panels: Saturday 5PM in P4, Sunday 10 AM in P4, 2PM in P4, Monday 11AM in P4
Autographs: Saturday 11AM, 6PM, Sunday 4PM & Monday 12PM

Special Guests

Amelie Belcher: Creator of “The Real Life Adventures of Ami Chan” and “Bounty Haunters”

Panels:Friday 10PM in P2, Saturday 1PM in W1, 10 PM in P1, Sunday 11 AM in P1, 2 PM in W1, (Art Auction) 8PM in P4. Monday 1PM in P1

Apphia Yu: Voice of Rio Nakamura in “Assassination Classroom”, Laki Olietta in “Fairy Tale & Writer for Sakevisual”

Panels: Friday 12PM in P1, 5PM in P6, Saturday 1PM in P4, 4PM in P5, Sunday 10AM in P6, 1PM in P6, Monday 12PM in P5
Autographs:Saturday 10AM, Sunday 3PM, Monday 11AM

Austin Tindle: Voice of Karma in “Assassination Classroom”, Kaneki in “Tokyo Ghoul”

Panels: Friday 5PM in P6, Saturday 2PM in P4, 6PM in P1, Sunday 10am in P6, 1PM in P6, Monday 2PM in P5
Autographs: Saturday 10AM, Sunday 3PM, Monday 11AM

Erica Mendez: Voice of Ryuko Matoi in “KILL la KILL”, Nico Yazawa in “Love Live”

Panels: Friday 5PM in P6, Saturday 11AM in P4, 1PM in P4, Sunday 1PM in P6, 4PM in P1, Monday 12PM in P5
Autographs:Saturday 4PM, Sunday 11am, Monday 11AM

Gilles Poitras: Author of “The Anime Companion” “Anime Essentials”

Panels: Saturday 12:30PM in P5, 9PM in P1, Sunday 10AM in P1

Greg “Greggo” Wicker: Game Show Host

Panels: Saturday 2PM in P5, 8PM in P5, Sunday 6PM in P5, 9PM in P5, Monday 11AM in P6

Kristen McGuire: Voice of Hinano in “Assassination Classroom”, Chiyo Kurihara in “Prison School”

Panels: Saturday 10AM in W1, 1PM in P4, Sunday 10AM in P6, 11AM in P1, Monday 2PM in P5

Lindsay Seidel: Nagisa in “Assassination Classroom”, Angel & Romeo in “Fairy Tale”

Panels: Saturday 1PM in P4, 2PM in P4, 4PM in P1, Sunday 10AM in P6, 1PM in P6, Monday 10AM in P1, 2PM in P5
Autographs: Saturday 10AM, Sunday 11AM, Monday 11AM

Lisle Wilkerson: Nina Williams in "Tekken", Sarah Bryant in "Virtua Fighter”

Panels: Saturday 1PM in P4, 5PM in P1, 4PM in P1, Sunday 8PM in P1, Monday 12PM in P5
Autographs:Monday 11AM

Mark Crilley: Manga Creator of "Miki Falls" & "Brody's Ghost"

Panels: Saturday 11PM in P1. Sunday 11AM in P1, 5PM in W1
Autographs: Saturday 10AM, Sunday 3PM

Melissa Ng: 3D Artist of "Dreamer Regalia" and "Sovereign Armor

Saturday 10PM in P1, 3PM in P1 Sunday 12PM in P1, Monday 11AM in P1

Micah Solusod: Soul Evans in "Soul Eater", Gakushu Asano in "Assassination Classroom"

Panels: Friday 5PM in P6, 9PM in P1, Saturday 1PM in P4, 2PM in P4, Sunday 10AM in P6, Monday 12PM in P5
Autographs: Saturday 10AM, Sunday 3PM, Monday 11AM

Robert Woodhead: Founder of AnimEigo, Riding Bean Kickstarter

Panels: Saturday 12:30PM in P5, Sunday 12:30PM in P5, 5PM in P1

Opening Ceremonies

We are ringing in the Opening Ceremonies Today at 8PM with Taikodelic! Taikodelic is a wholly American exploration of the Japanese style of drumming called Taiko. The group consists of performers from many backgrounds, musical and theatrical, and melds the influences within a traditional framework to express & manifest a playful sense of the power of community. If you want to find out more about playing Taiko check out theTaikodelic Panel Sunday at 9AM in P4.

Cosplay @ the Majestic

This Sunday at 7:30pm we will hold the classiest of cosplay contests in the historic Majestic Theater! The Majestic is an iconic Dallas landmark, a 1,700 seat theatre billed as "one of the most elegant performing arts venues in the southwest".

The Strut Your Stuff, Cosplay Runway and Cosplay Contest shows will all run on the Majestic’s stage. Participants will put on short skits, and show off costumes of their favorite characters on this classic stage. At the end of the evening, the Judges will make their selections and award prizes for performance and craftsmanship!
For more information click here!

Art Show

Welcome to the world of fan art. Whether you are starting your collection, just saw a picture you like, or are looking for that one piece to finish out the media montage on the west wall, the AnimeFest Art Show will have what you need. We have a collection of artists ranging from first time local sketch artists to nationally recognized professionals, plus jewelry, textiles, mixed media, and 3D.

Art Show Hours

  • Friday Noon-7pm
  • Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Monday 9am-2pm


Dance all night, every night to our fantastic DJ line up!

Friday night: 11PM-3AM with DJ RNZO

Saturday night: 11PM-3AM with Melee Max

Sunday night: 11PM-3AM with Basshead Society, Miss CJ and DJ Sickone

We are providing bag check at the Dances this year, so dance to your hearts content!

AnimeFest 2016

August 12-15
Friday - Monday
Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Click here for hotel reservations or Call 1-888-627-8191.

Check us out on Twitter @AnimeFestOrg or Facebook for more updates on events.

The AnimeFest Team